About us


African Sports Entertainment And News Network

African sports & Entertainment network (ASENNTV) is a fully equipped independent production studio for recording and packaging of sports and entertainment programs.

We also pride ourself as a frontline sports and entertainment, digital marketing communications company with expertise in creative content management on new media for business exposure and the bottom line.

Our Vision line

To be the foremost sports and entertainment network in Africa.

Mission Statement

Our mission is:

  1. To establish TV stations that will reposition the sports media by establishing a viable partnership between promoters, organisers, and sports sponsors.

  2. To use sports media as a medium for stimulating and encouraging  professionalism in sports.

  3. To develop realtime programing in sports and promote sports as an essential content for television programing.

  4. To collaborate with television stations local and international to broadcast sports and entertainment programs.

  5. To procure and acquire television right on sports content and the most current and advance  recording and production equipment suitable for  sports and entertainment programing.

Our Expertise.

With a dedicated workforce of young and vibrant professionals, we offer our clients an array of innovative services to choose from.

  •  Social Media Marketing/ Management.
  •  Online Advertisement.
  •  Online Public Relations.
  • Online Broadcasting.