Three Men Standing
Charles Agbezin receiving Prize. (L-R Idada Joachim, Charles Agbezin, Karo Ekewenu

Charles Agbezin defeated Chijioke Isioku (a.k.a. Jokes Man) 4 – 0 thereby  emerging the winner of the maiden edition of the Nicon Town Top4 8ball Pool Challenge that held on Saturday 24th, August 2019 at the Nicon Town Recreational Center, Lekki.

In the finals, Charles Agbezin in a superb performance walloped Chijioke Isiolu 4 – 0 in a best of 6 rack that proved his ranking as the current highest ranked player on the leaders’ ladder of the club.

The Tournament which featured only the Top4 highest ranked player on the leader’s ladders of the club is an accredited tournament of the Snooker and Pool Bar Circuit of the Snooker and Pool Players Alliance (SPPA).

To get to the finals, the referee Daniel Ebule declared Agbezin Charles winner by work over against Babatunde Odukoya in the first Semi Finals. 

Chiojioke Isiolu aka “Jokes Man” , Company Secretary and Legal Adviser, Spog Petrochemical limited earned his spot in the finals after defeating Joshua Brume in the second semifinals in a best of 6 rack contest. Joshua Brume won the first, third and fourth racks and lost the fifth when the blackball potted with 3 balls still on the table. His loss in the sixth rack resulted from a poor control of the white ball after a direct shot on black which saw the white ball pocket. The match ended 3 – 3 that forced the match into tie break extra rack which Chijioke Isiolu won in style with a deliberate 45 degree double shot on the cushion that pocketed the black ball excited the spectators and declared the best shot the event.

In closing the event Ambassador Karo Ekewenu congratulated all the participants for their exceptional performance.

Speaking at event, Idada Joachim noted in his closing remark

“This shows that the ranking system works. This can grow into something bigger and we can achieve national events which are transparent, free and fair with no pranks”

“There are other bars that have this same system, so very soon the winner here is going to meet the winner in the other bars. Therefore, we can have structure; we can declare one day that in Nigeria we have a structure for Snooker and Pool” 

Idada Joachim further announced the donation of Fifty Thousand Naira and other incentive by Ambassador Karo Ekewenu, Chairman AMBAVILLE Energy Limited towards the organization the next edition of the Top4 Challenge. 


NICON TOWN TOP4 8ball Pool Challenge

24th August 2019.

Semi Final

Agbezin Charles vs Babatunde Odukoya             w/o

Chijioke Isiolu vs Joshus Brume 4 – 3


Agbezin Charles vs Chijioke Isiolu 4 – 0

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