Chijide Leads others into Nicon Town Pool Semi’s


Chijide Charles, Marizu Kenneth, Chijioke Isiolu and Obaro Obrutse have qualifed for the Semi Finals of the ongoing Nicon Town 8ball Closed Pool Tournament holding at the Nicon Town Recreation Center, Lekki that started on Satursday , 7th September 2019.

In the preliminary round-robin tournament which featured only registered players of Nicon Town Pool, Chijide Charles topped the table after scoring the highest win result result of 12 wins and 4 loses, Marizu Kenneth came Second with 8 wins and 8 loses, Chijioke Isiolu (a.k.a Jokes Man) came third with 6 wins 10 loses while Obaro qualifies with 5 wins and 7 loses after winning the tie break one rack match against budding musical artist Emeka Chijiode alias “Chuky”

After the blind draw conducted by Joachim Idada, convener and President of Snooker and Pool Players Alliance (SPPA) who acted as event referee and Tournament Director, Charles is now set to meet Obaro Obrutse and Kenneth Marizu plays Chijioke Isiolu in the semi finals.

To top the table Charles lost 1 rack to each of his opponent beat Kenneth Marizu 3 -1, Obaro Obrutse 3 -1, Chijioke Isiolu 3 -1 and younger brother Emeka Chijide 3-1

Kenneth Marizu drew against Chijioke Isiolu and Obaro Obrutse 2 – 2, beat Emeka Chijide 3 – 1 and lost to Chijide Charles.

Chijioke Isolu qualiltied despite losing on cumulative score against to most opponent, Chijiode Isiolu against Emeka 1 -3, against Charles Chijide 1 -3 and drawing against Kenneth Marizu 2 – 2.

The game between Obaro Obrutse and Emeka Chijide was annulled as a 0 – 0 as both players were walked over by match referee Idada Joachim because of a late show after the 15minutes game commencement time margin rule of the SPPA. Therefore both players lost the full 4 points of their match.

Nicon Town Pool with a membership of more than 60 players is an affiliate of the Snooker and Pool Players Alliance. The club has installed the Cue Sports Management and Players Ranking System with Agbezin Charles winner of the Nicon Town Top4 Challenge as the highest ranked player with 1042.50 points

NICON TOWN 8 BALL CLOSE TOURNAMENT <br> Preliminary Round <br> 7th September 2019

Chijioke Isiolu vs Kenneth Marizu 2 – 2
Obaro Obrutse vs Emeka Chijide 0 – 0 (annulled)
Kenneth Marizu vs Charles Chijide 1 – 3
Chijioke Isiolu vs Emeka Chijide 1 – 3
Obaro Obrutse vs Charles Chijide 1 – 3
Kenneth Marizu vs Emeka Chijide 3 – 1
Charles Chijide vs Chijioke Isiolu 3 – 1
Kenneth Marizu vs Obaro Obrutse 2 – 2
Emeka Chijide vs Charles Chijide 1 – 3
Obaro Obrutse vs Chijioke 3 – 1

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