Daniel Ebulue
Dreamworld's Daniel Ebulue, highest ranked SPPA player

Dreamworld Snooker and Pool Bar emerged the winner of the maiden edition of the Inter-Bar Eight Ball Pool Challenge that held on Saturday, 21st March 2020 at Dreamworld Snooker and Pool Bar, Lekki.

The Inter-Bar Eight Ball Pool Challenge featured all the highest ranked Snooker and Pool Players Alliance (SPPA) registered players in each of the SPPA affiliated bar/club.  Highest ranked SPPA player, Daniel Edulue, representing Dreamworld Snooker and Pool Bar, Lekki defeated Obarho Obrutse of Nicon Town Pool 3 – 1 in a best of 4 set challenge winning the N100,000.00 first prize with Nicon-Town taking the N50,000 second. Other prizes included N25,000 each for the third and fourth placed bar.

David Ebulue won that 1st set 2 -1 after winning the 1st rack in a 3 ball finish (solid Pink, stripe brown and 8 black). Obarho’s foul on the Brown stripe ball which he inadvertently potted while trying to pot his pink ball that placed the white cue ball in an advantaged position for a direct shot on the Black 8 ball which was close to the no 1 pocket. And, Obarho’s fight back in the 2nd rack which gave the Nicon Town representative the second rack.

Set 2 witnessed both players showing determination and tactical dexterity. In rack 1, Obarho playing solid despite being 4 ball secured a win as he demonstrated a good control of the white cue ball. Dan Ebulue had to dig deep in rack 2 when he had 3 balls left on the table while Obarho seemed to be coasting home with another victory, when Ebule used a safety shot to prevent him from seeing his brown solid ball that was stock at the neck of the right side pocket.

Daniel recorded a lucky win in the 2nd set rack 2 due to the inability of Obarho to pot the brown ball after doubling on the front cushion as the cue ball  displaced the ball which give the advantage and victory to Ebule . The second set ended 2-1 in favour of Nicon Town Pool

The match ended 3 – 1 as Dreamworld Snooker and Pool bar won The 3rd and 4th sets with 2-0 straight racks each.

Asentv.tv spoke to Daniel Ebule before the match:

“The person I am playing is Obarho who is representing Nicon Town Pool, another very good bar. He is equally a top and good player. I have played against him a couple of times and in our last competition he won me. In this competition I am looking forward to making an inch from where we stopped the last time. Definitely I will say I am 95% prepared but I am believing that with my preparation, I will overcome the challenge of the day”

Speaking about Nicon Town Pool and his opponent, Obarho told asentv.tv

“I am representing Nicon Town. We played a few months back and I came second and today I am here to defend Nicon Town. This time around we are coming first. I can promise that.”

Idada Joachim, president, Snooker and Pool Players Alliance said:

“8 event is a ranking system that gives players the opportunity of getting ranked. From your ranking you have the opportunity to play at different levels and against different class of oppositions. I am encouraging bars, Snooker and Pool players to join the Alliance.”

Following the successful hosting of the event, the SPPA will be announcing the date and venue of the next edition of the Inter-Bar Eight Ball Pool Challenge which comprise 8 events which is a tour in the SPPA Snooker and Pool Bar circuit.

Inter-Bar Eight Ball Pool Challenge
Venue: Dreamworld Snooker and Pool Bar, Lekki
21st March 2020

Inter-Bar Eight Bar Pool Challenge

SET  Dreamworld Snooker and Pool BarNicon Town Pool
SET 121
RACK 101
RACK 210
RACK 301
SET 212
RACK 101
RACK 210
RACK 301
SET 320
RACK 110
RACK 210
SET 420
RACK 110
RACK 210


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