Carolina event center venue of the Top4 8ball Pool Challenge Series

Dreamworld Snooker and Pool bar in Lekki area of Lagos has been selected by the Snooker and Pool Players Alliance (SPPA) to host the November edition of the Top4 8ball Challenge Series which holds on the 9th November, 2019. 

The Top4 8ball Pool Challenge classified as an SPPA Type G event will feature the four highest ranked 8ball Pool players at the end of each month on the SPPA ranking system, the Cue Sports Management and Players Ranking System that was developed by FIJI Telecom System and Technologies.

Dreamworld Snooker and Pool bar located at the Eleganza bustop, lekki neighbourhood is a affiliate member of the Alliance. The Carolina event center in the Dreamworld Africana is proposed to host all the 2020 Top4 8ball Challenge Series events.

In a round robin format, the players with the ranking compete to determine the player with the highest number of wins who is declared the winner of the edition of the Top4 8ball Pool Challenge.

The adoption of the Cue Sports Management and Players Ranking by the Snooker and Pool Players Alliance remains a milestone achievement in the efforts to  introduce a credible structure into Cue Sports administration and development in Nigeria.

With the successful hosting of the maiden edition in August 2019 which was hosted at the NICON Town Recreational Center, Lekki, the Snooker and Pool Alliance decided to upgrade the event to Type G (ie special event) that will restrict selection to only SPPA registered players.

The proposed annual Challenge Series will comprise of 48 events with 12 events each for 8ball Pool, 9ball Pool, Blackball Pool and Snooker.

Idada Joachim, president Snooker and Pool Players Alliance said

 “The Top4 Challenge series will be the biggest circuit on the SPPA calendar come 2020. It will offer continuous competition for SPPA players and will support our effort for creating a masters category locally.”

He also spoke on the need for the sport to attract sponsorship in order to guarantee sustainability. 

“We are currently seeking sponsorship so that the players can be adequately motivated to be at their best and look forward to the possibility of playing on the continental stage”

“We are looking forward to partnering with the relevant governing bodies on the continental stage with a view to hosting some continental events in Nigeria”

Daniel Ebule,  Charles Agbezin and Obarho Obutse are currently the highest ranked 8ball Pool player on the SPPA Cue Sport Management and Player Ranking System.


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