Martins Calls for Deeper Spirituality At Easter -Says God Has Not Forsaken Nigerian


The Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, His Grace Alfred Adewale
Martins has urged Nigerians not to allow the current economic hardship in the country to deter them from developing a deeper relationship with their creator, warning that a life devoid of God was not worth living.

 Making this known in his 2017 Easter message to Nigerians made available through the Director of Social Communications, Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, Msgr. Gabriel Osu, the prelate while reiterating that there was no problem that God cannot solve, assured Nigerians that the Almighty has not abandoned them and would surely right all the wrongs meted on the country over the years.

While congratulating Christians across the country for the successful completion of the Lenten season of penitence, Archbishop Martins equally urged them to rejoice at the resurrection of Christ, who through his death and resurrection has purchased for humanity the joy of eternal life.

Easter Time is the most important of all liturgical times. There are 50 days of Easter from the first Sunday to Pentecost. It is characterized, above all, by the joy of glorified life and victory over death, expressed most fully in the great resounding cry of the Christian: Alleluia! All other expressions of faith flow from faith in the resurrection: “If Christ has not been raised, then empty is our preaching; empty, too, is your faith.” (1 Cor 15:14)

 On the economic hardship plaguing the nation, Archbishop Martins noted with dismay that so many people are already losing hope, but warned that suicide is and will never be a sound escape route from the present economic hardship.

 ‘I have read about people committing suicide by jumping into the lagoon. This is very unfortunate. No one has the right to end his or her life. All lives belong to God. If you commit suicide, you are only compounding issues because you will have to account to your creator. The hardship in our country should make every one of us show more empathy for those in need, both emotionally and financially. When we assist one another, I believe we will collectively surmount these trying times,” he adviced.


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