NIGERIA PITCH AWARDS GO ONLINE – Organisers to open portal to the body of voters for 7days

Autin Okon Akpan receiving award

Organisers of Nigeria’s foremost football awards,the Nigeria Pitch Awards,Matchmakers Consult International and the Nigeria Football Federation in conjunction with the vote collation body SIAO Partners are changing the format of choosing nominees through a new voting system which is digital.
According to the organisers it is to ensure the process that produces awardees remains credible and transparent which is the hallmark of the awards.
President of Matchmakers Consult International said voters will find a whole new experience in this years edition.
“We want to up our game and change the face of football awards in Nigeria by making sure that no one can manipulate the system,that is why we are introducing an online voting”.
The voting portal will be open very in a few days to the body of voters which comprise stakeholders in the game and it will be opened for 7 days.




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