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Obaro Obrutse recieving cash prize (L-R Idada Joachim, Obaro Obrutse, Chief Barr Chijioke isiolu

Obrutse Obaro defeated Marizu Kenneth 2 -1 to emerge the winner of the Nicon Town 8ball Pool Tournament that ended on Sunday 7th at the Nicon Town Recreational Center and organized by Nicon Town Snooker and Pool, an accredited club of the Snooker and Pool Players Alliance.

Obaro Obrutse lost the 1st rack to the underrated Kenneth Marizu with 3 ball on table and won the 2nd and sealed victory in the 3rd and final Rack with more determination

To get to the Finals, Obaro Obrutse defeated Chijide Charles 2 – 0 in the first semifinals. After taking the 1st rack and the advantage of getting a two shot penalty which spotted the black ball at the center of the final third of the end of the table but at a slight offset of the white that was position on the center behind the Baulk line.

Under the pressure of a possibility of defeat should he miss his final shot and tempted to take a safety shot on black and despite the risk of potting the white ball, a well executed angle shot on black sealed victory for him whose qualification was as a result of a tie break victory over Chijide Emeka.

Obaro Obrutse and Emeka Chijide recorded a 5 win 7 loss in the round robin preliminary forcing a 1 rack tie break match for both players .

To get to the finals, Marizu Kenneth defeated Barrister Chijioke Isiolu a.k.a. “Jokes man” 2 -1 in the second semifinals  after qualifying with a 8 win 8 loss result in the preliminary round robin .

Charles Chijide beat Barrister Chijioke Isiolu 2 – 0 in the third place match that saw a more determine Charles wanting to prove that him topping the leader ladder with 12 wins and 8 loss in the preliminary was no fluck.

As tournament winner Obaro received N20,000.00 (Twenty Thousand Naira) plus a free Snooker and Pool Players Alliance (SPPA) registration, Marizu Kenneth received the N10,000 for second position and Charles Chijide  N5,000 as third.

Addressing the participants and players, president of the SPPA Idada Joachim said

“This tournament is part of big program that is aimed at producing Top players that are ready to effectively compete at the bigger international circuit and stage with the next 5 years” 

He further announced that that the next major tournament is the Top4 Challenge on the Club and neighbor level.


Preliminary Round

7th September 2019

Chijioke Isiolu vs Kenneth Marizu 2 – 2
Obaro Obrutse vs Emeka Chijide 0 – 0 (annulled) Kenneth Marizu vs Charles Chijide 1 – 3
Chijioke Isiolu vs Emeka Chijide 1 – 3

Obaro Obrutse vs Charles Chijide 1 – 3
Kenneth Marizu vs Emeka Chijide 3 – 1
Charles Chijide vs Chijioke Isiolu 3 – 1

Kenneth Marizu vs Obaro Obrutse 2 – 2

Emeka Chijide vs Charles Chijide 1 – 3
Obaro Obrutse vs Chijioke 3 – 1

Sunday, 9th September, 2019


Charles Chijide vs Obaro Obrutse 0 – 2

Bar Chijioke Isiolu  vs Kenneth Marizu 2 – 0


Obaro Obrutse vs Kenneth Marizu 2 -1

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