Motor Sport: Omatseye speaks on Car Racing in Nigeria


Despite the huge financial outlay for Motor Sports, the love for car racing and F1 is generating great interest and followership in Nigeria; as the country can now boast of having car racing clubs with regular competitions held in Edo State.

A professional racer, Robinson Omatseye , on Wednesday called on Federal Government to support car  racing to attract foreign investment as well as create employment opportunities for youths.

Omatseye who spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos said that resources gotten from professional racing could be invested in other sectors of the economy to improve youth engagement.

According to him, racing in Nigeria is yet to reach its full potential because it still lacks sufficient support from government.

“Racing in Nigeria is pretty new and we are still getting to find our feet as racers.

“We have had four different races so far in Nigeria and we had quite receptive responses.

“We are very limited with regards to funding and some basic amenities that can take racing to the international standard.

“So far, all we have done has been privately funded. So government’s involvement in racing in Nigeria will do more good for the racing community and the masses at large,’’ he said.

Omotseye, who is the team leader of Fastlane Motor Sports, said that the involvement of more drivers in racing would help reduce the number of accidents on the major roads in the country.

“Race tracks will give Nigerian drivers the opportunity to test their driving skills as well as ascertain the limit of their cars.

“A lot of people need to know that there are race tracks where they can push the limits of their cars and also test their driving skills.

“Once they have a feel of the features of a racing car with its cornering speeds, its breaking power and acceleration, they will begin to pamper their regular automobiles. (NAN)



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