Pinnick: When corruption fights back

Amaju Pinnick
Amaju Pinnick, NFF prsident
Amaju Pinnick
Amaju Pinnick, NFF prsident

When there is an allegation of corruption against you ,the rational thing you are expected to do if truly you are innocent is (1) Publish your own truth with your fact(s) through the same medium your accuser used, (2) Sue your accuser to court for defamation/libel , that is what is expected if you are not living in a Banana Republic.

Don’t go through the most travelled road of running to the police for a covert protection either with a frivolous petition alleging threat to your life or changing the narrative .

You see, when someone is accused of embezzlement/ misappropriation/ Stealing which is a common thing in Nigeria , he or she is quick to use his or her influence in the security agencies to muzzle the accusers. No, let the law take its course.

Harrison Jalla is a former player and lawyer who at one time headed the Players Union in Nigeria , he has been a crusader against corruption in Nigeria’s football administration circle, he has gone to courts, filed petition at the EFCC attaching documents to show how those minding our football at the NFF are cleaning up ,while our football managers have filed counter arguments at times ,some of them have used under the table deal to appease him.

The latest now is that the President of the Nigeria Football Federation , Amaju Melvin Pinnick has had enough of the adamant Jalla, he needs to be silenced which the court might not to be able to grant ,so he sought the help of the Police by submitting a petition on defamation of character ; a pure civil case which should be dealt with in a court of law.

Does that not look like corruption is fighting back, what do I even know.

Harrison Jalla whom I learnt was detained by the Police in Warri, Delta State over Amaju’s petition has been granted bail as I write this but one would have expected Amaju Pinnick to have gone to court if truly he desired justice but we are used to the arm twisting tactics, it is all part of the show for the optics.

This reminds me of how the same Amaju harassed one of my protégé over a story he did , the young had done his due diligence rather than issuing a rejoinder on the story , our man threatened the news outlet with a lawsuit and gave a condition that the reporter must be sacked for him to withdraw the suit , it got to a point that he was more interested in the misfortune of the reporter than clearing his name.

Till date the FIFA council member who is also a CAF executive member is yet to come forward with his own fact about the story in question.

That is what we go through in the hands of sport administrators who prefer that we practice PR rather than Journalism.


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