Shina Philips been interviewed by asenntv


Shina Philips been interviewed by asenntv
The Chief Executive Officer of Matchmakers Consult International the organizers of the Nigeria
Pitch Awards Shina Philips has attributed the financial challenge faced in putting up the event
every year to the refusal to monetize the award.
Shina Philips was speaking against the back drop of support received so far by the organizers
to be able to stage a successful event in Uyo,Akwa Ibom State capital on the 10
th of June,2017.
“The process that we have put in place for the nomination of awardees has made it difficult for
anybody to influence the outcome,so its looking like we are not popular because it is a
departure from the norm”.
Philips whose organization has successfully staged three awards night said he is determined to
make Nigeria Pitch Awards a reference point in the country hence the reason to make the
process transparent.
“If you look at the process of nomination,it is done by a college of voters which comprises
Sports Journalist from the thirty-six states of the federation,they don’t even know themselves
and this years voting was done electronically unlike what we had in the last three editions”.
“Our partners SIAO a financial and auditing consultancy firm does the collation of the
votes,verifies and audits them,so you can see that the process is an international best practice”.
On whether some people have made overtures to the organizers to influence the process as it is
common with awards in the country,the security expert explained that it is near impossible for
that to happen as non of the organizers is involved in the nomination.”.
“Our partners SIAO are known globally for integrity and transparency may be that is why we are
paying the price for doing it the right way,we have never collected a dime from anybody rather
we have used our resources to organize the event because it is a project we believe in and we
are passionate about it”.
Philips also disclosed that every award recipient this year will go home with a specially designed
electro plated gold statuette.
“Inspite of the recession in the country and excuses giving by prospective sponsors whom we
are still waiting for to partner with us on this project to revive our football,we have gone on our
own to produce electro plated gold statuettes which will definitely up the ante as far as award is
concern in the country”.
In an emotional laden voice Philips was full of gratitude to the Nigeria Football Federation as a
partner in progress in the last four years.
 “We can’t thank the Nigeria Football Federation enough for their support and the opportunity
they have given us to collaborate with them in building a reputable culture of celebrating the
game of football,also we are grateful to our college of voters that is made up of distinguished
sports Journalists for standing by us through these years,although some people had advised us
to allow the public nominate through an online process so that we can make money with it but
we decided to stick with the experts”.
“We have seen our sports Journalists demonstrate professionalism,transparency and absolute
patriotism with this project”.
The award ceremony will hold after the African Cup of Nation qualifier between Nigeria and
SouthAfrica in Akwa Ibom state,previous editions were held in CrossRiver and Kaduna states



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