Pool: Dafe wins 7 Ball Pool Tournament again

Dafe Agbah
Dafe Agbah winner of the quarterly & Ball Pool (Close) tournament.
Date Agbah
Date Agbah, E-Bar no 1 Pool Players

Pool as a popular sport in Nigeria is on the rise with more 7 localize tournaments been organizes on a regular basis. The September edition of the 7 Ball Pool Close Tournament held over the weekend at the E-bar, Admiralty way, Lekki, Lagos with Dafe Agbah defeating Omoarebu Atafo 3 – 0 in a best of 5 match in the finals.

Dafe Agbah
Dafe Agbah winner of the quarterly 7 Ball Pool (Close) tournament.

To get to the finals, Dafe Agbah who was seeded no 1 overcame the stiff opposition mounted by Olusegun Isioye a.k.a. Baale 2 -1 in the semi’s while it was an easy win over Ovie Ukay 2 = 0 in the quarter finals.

In a tension soaked second semi final’s, Shobitan Oluwaniyi a.k.a Tosin lost to Omoarebu Akafo on technical ground despite been the player that potted the black ball.  His inability to control his emotions and excitement caused him the final match as he picked up the white ball before it got to the final rest position, an action which was against the in-house rules.  Omoarebu Akafo won 2-1.

In an interview with asentv.tv, the excited Omoarebu Akafo said;

“I was previously ranked no. 3 while Tosin was around no. 10 and today he is ranked 3 while means that my standard has fallen so this victory is good for me and my confidence”

As winner, Dafe received a cash prize of N50,000 with a bottle of whiskey, Towel and face cap donated by the sponsor of Cue Games Limited. For second position, Omoarebu and Shobitan Oluwaniyi received N25,000 and N18, 000 for second and third position.

7 Ball Pool (Close) Tournament


Dafe Agbah 3 – 0 Omoarebu Atafo

Semi Final’s

Dafe Agbah 2 – 1 Olusegun Isioye
Shobitan Oluwaniyi 2 – 1 Omoarebu Atafo

Quarter Final’s

Shobitan Oluwaniyi 2 – 1 Chiedu Nwosisi

Omoarebu Atafo 2 – 1 Wale Rubber

Dafe Agbah 2 – 0 Ovie Ukay

Erhunse Giwa- Osagie 1 – 2 Olusegun Isioye






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