GWDS; Girls With Darts Skills Initiative , the non for profit mentoring and human development project been packaged by Miss  Rebeca Omoroh a.k.a Becky, Nigeria’s current female national darts champion will be  commencing at the beginning of the first term of 2013/2014 academic search.

The project is targeted at girls and ladies between the ages of 9 to 40 years. And,  comprises of  quarterly seminars for person outside educational institutions with numerous school visitations. During her visit to schools she will be donating darts equipment while holding a talk shop for the female students.

The GWDS Initiative has been designed to expose approximately 10,000 female persons annually to darts and shall offer membership in the following categories; Students Membership, Affiliate Membership, Associate Membership and Full Membership.

From a recently release writeup on Becky background she noted; “I have initiated this project because of my experience. Girls should not be made to pass through what i had to go through. The absence of role models for these girls is what has driven them into all manner of vices. From local to international prostitution, drug and alcohol abuse, child abuse and trafficking etc. These girls are taking advantage off.  So, through this initiative i want to mentor these girls. I don’t need to be the world champion before I can start. I will start with the very little i have. And, by God’s grace I will succeed. I need to give hope to as many people that need it. Girls can’t stand on the fringes and think life will offer them its gift without some interest and commitment.” Becky opines further, “The lack of interest in sports as exhibited by girls has been at a great disadvantage and loss to the female gender.

Becky was award the female national champion title after winning the TDB event at the recently concluded 1st June Darts championship which held at the Kafanchan Sports club, Kaduna State, Nigeria.



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