Proposed LDO to promote Darts in schools



Efforts at making Darts amongst the most popular sport in Nigeria continued to gather steam as the Lagos state Darts association is set to partner  with IPRO, International Pro Games Limited in a public private relationship which is targeted at promoting Darts in Schools. The proposed partnership seeks to establish LDO, Lagos Darts Organisation that will be dedicated to develop and implement the Darts in Schools programme.

Darts has been discovered to offer great benefits to children especially at the nursery and primary levels. With approximately 1003 public schools at the primary level in Lagos and the falling interest in mathematics been exhibited by these pupils, it is hope that these negative trend will be reversed as current performance in mathematics at the secondary level had be very discouraging.

The Darts in Schools programme is part of the Smart Project aimed at creating smarter kids at the nursery and primary level. it is been promoted by FIJI Ventures Limited in partnership with IPRO and other stack holder.  The company is promoting the use of Darts and SmartDarts4kids, a math themed darts  teaching  aid which is suitable for the play-way method of teaching and learning numeracy.


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