Snooker: John Gideon wins Balls Sticks and Holes II.

John Gideon recieves prize
John Gideon recieves prize

John Gideon celebrated extensively as he emerged the eventual winner of the N150,000.00 prize money and a blender in the Snooker Open Classic, Balls Sticks and Holes II beating Edaffe Agbah 2-1 in a nerve breaking black ball rally in the 3 frames of the 3 frames final. The Snooker Open Classic ( a.k.a Balls Sticks and Holes II) held from Friday, 24th-26th May, 2019.

To get to the finals, John beat Waliu Nojeem and Emma Ilozor in the semi and quarter finals with a 2 – 0 straight win thereby setting up the exciting finals match against Edaffe Egbah that ended 65-30, 41 – 59, 56 -52.

The third and final frame was a game of nerves as the match ended with a black rally with both players missing shots. Edafe playing more aggressively missed two clear shots on black while trying to pot the black ball into the left far pocket which was a tactically game stopper employed by John that made the match rusting Edafe struggling to shoot straight.

Cuesports spoke with John Gideon

Gideon John
John Gidean winner Balls Sticks and holes II

“I am excited [laughing]. l like the actions to speak for me because I don’t speak much and i prefer the cue to do the talking”

Talking about the dominance of Pool players at the event, he said

“The Pool players have done well and the tournament brings everybody together. Snooker and Pool just have little difference and the concepts are similar. I can not put off snooker for anything even though it seems a little more difficult and technical”.

Likewise Edaffe spoke with cuesports about his opinion on the match and some issues relating to the development of cuesports; Snooker, Billiards and Pool.

“At some point it was a game of nerves. It was just nerves. Both of us had different setters ; decent setters on the black ball and skewed our shots based on the tension level.”

About the open format for the event, he said

“it is a fantastic idea. I hate that i had to jump straight away in while back. I had been hinting at this at the Ikoyi Club which is my base and the place where I horned my skills. I want to use this opportnity to appreciate the Lagos Country Club this idea because it has given me the opportunity to compete with other players that know how to play this game.”

Snooker will feature at the All Africa Games holding in Morocco. Only Africa Billiards and Snooker Confederation ABSC member country will be participating in the snooker event. The Snooker and Pool Players Alliance, a network of Snooker and Pool players in Nigeria is introducing a ranking system to restructure Snooker and Pool playing.


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