The International Chinese Eight Ball Assocation, ICEA announced the postponement of the Chinese Pool World intended for March 2020. in South Africa due to the prevalence of the Coronavirus and the various countries affected, particularly, in terms of travel, the ICEA in collaboration with all its stakeholders.

A major factor contributing to this difficult decision is that all people entering the South African border from any of the affected countries will be subjected to a 14-day quarantine before they are cleared by the South African authorities.

While every effort is being made to curb the effect and spread of the Coronavirus, we as Cuesport Nations must exercise patience and sensitivity until this crisis is overcome. It is important that all countries show solidarity to all the affected Nations.

Rest assured, the new dates for the Chinese Pool World Cup 2020 will be confirmed as soon as possible. The ICEA and Joy SA look forward to hosting all the nations of the World in 2020.

The Snooker and Pool Players Alliance SPPA, a network of Snooker and Pool players in Nigeria is seeking sponsorship to send a team to participate in the Chinese Pool World Cup come August should the event hold.

asentv,tv spoke to Idada Joachim, SPPA president

“As one can witness, Pool remains a popular game but harness the Sporting potential remain a challenge remains a challenge. We are call on corporate Nigeria to support us with sponsorship so that we can attend the Chinese Pool World Cup when it holds. This will help buster the development of Pool as a sport in Nigeria. To select our representatives we are planning a qualifier as which the selected team will enter into a training program. ”


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