2022 World Games: Medal Tally of Day 4


Germany tops the medal tally when the fourth competition day is turning into evening. Ukraine is on the second place before Japan and Hungary. 

Altogether 47 countries have got a place on the medals table during the first four days of The World Games 2022.

Egypt placed 14th remains the highest African nation with a total of 5 medals; 3 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze. Algeria, South Africa are amongst the other African nation on the medals table with 1 gold medal while Morocco has 1 Silver. Tunisia is placed 61 position with just 1 bronze

1GER (Germany)1629
2HUN (Hungary)1067
3COL (Colombia)983
4UKR (Ukraine)969
5ITA (Italy)81612
6JPN (Japan)858
7CHN (Peoples Republic of China)741
8FRA (France)4710
9DEN (Denmark)420
10BEL (Belgium)403
11USA (United States Of America)384
12ESP (Spain)355
13POL (Poland)335
14*EGY (Egypt)311
15CAN (Canada)322
16SWE (Sweden)221
17MEX (Mexico)211
18BRA (Brazil)211
19NED (Netherland)120
20GRE (Greece)114
21GBR (Great Britain)112
22ECU (Ecuador)112
23INA (Indonesia)110
24BUL (Bulgaria)101
25LTU (Lithuania)101
26AUS (Australia)100
27*NOR Norway)100
28PHI (Phillipines)100
29*AIG (Algeria)00
30KAZ (Kazakhstan)100
31*RSA (South Africa)100
32ISR (Israel)100
33VIE (Vietnam)100
34MDA (Republic of Moldova)100
35BRU (Brunei Darussalam)054
36CAM (Cambodia)100
37IPE (Chinese Taipei)054
38CRO (Crotia)040
39KOR ( Republic of Korea)034
40ISV (Virgin Islands US)031
41CZE (Czech Republic)020
42VEN (Venezula)020
43CHI (Chile)020
44AUT (Austria)011
45SGP (Singapore)011
46Fin (Finland)010
47SUI (Switzerland)010
48*MAR (Morocco)010
49MOL (Mongolia)010
50ROU (Romania)010
51PER (Peru)010
52SUK (Slovakia)002
53IND (India)001
54POR (Portugal)001
55THA (Thailand)001
56MAS (Malaysia)001
57UZB (Uzbekistan)001
58HKG (Hong Kong China)001
59AZE (Azerbaijan)001
60UAE (United Arab Emirates)001
61*TUN (Tunisia)001

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