Idada Joachim, President Snooker and Pool Players Alliance hold draws for the 2023 Joy Heyball Masters Div One Nigeria Qualifiers.

The Snooker and Pool Players Alliance held the draws for the 2023 Joy Heyball Masters Nigeria Qualifiers at Nicon Town Recreational Center, venue of the event. The Alliance President Joachim Idada conducted draws.

Following the registration of Eight players who were drawn into two groups A and B of 4 players each for round 1. Playing in group A are Raji Abdulbakir, Nosa Lawani, Shehu Bamidele and Charles Chijide while in group B are Top Seed Wole Osomo, Sunday Ekundayo, Abiodun Christopher and Adebayo Adekunle. The winner of the Nigeria Qualifier is billed to be travelling to Lanzhou City, China on full sponsorship.

The Alliance was allocated 1 slot and will be participating in the 2023 Joy Heyball Masters Div One that is offering a mouthwatering first prize of RMB 300,000 Yuan (equivalent of N19, 531, 916.62) as first prize. From the 2nd to 112th position will receive various cash reward. Trophies, Certificate and Grade point will be various winners in the tournament.

The participation of a representative of the SPPA from Nigeria is courtesy of Joy Billiards Sports Promotion Com China and FIJI Ventures Limited are partners to the Snooker And Pool Players Alliance.

With the successful hosting of the Qualifier’s players from Nigeria will for the first time have the opportunity to be participants in the Joy Heyball Masters’ Tour which a fulfillment of one of the cardinal vision and objective of the Alliance which is to create a viable link between the local Nigeria Pool and Snooker with the major international sports Circuit thereby offering opportunity for professionalization to Nigeria.

Amongst the other local Heyball events that is organized by the Alliance are The Top 4 Heyball Series, the challenge Series, The Joy Heyball Open Tournament, Independence Days Tournament.

Idada Joachim noted that despite the many challenges witnessed so far, they have recorded many successes. In 2022, the Alliance facilitated and supported Christopher Abiodun travel to Dubai to participated in The Dubai Chinese Eight Ball (Heyball) Open Tournament and in the same year, facilitated his travel to Singapore to participate in the Singapore Open Snooker.

2023 Joy Heyball Masters’ Division One Tour #2
Nigeria Qualifiers.
Group A
6th – 7th June 2023
Rd1 (Format: Round Robin, 1st to 5 Racks)

  1. Raji Abdulbakir
  2. Nosa Lawani
  3. Shehu Bamidele
  4. Charles Chijide

Group B
8th – 9th June 2023
Rd1 (Format: Round Robin, 1st to 5 Racks)

  1. Wale Osomo
  2. Sunday Ekundayo
  3. Abiodun Christopher
  4. Adebayo Adekunle

2023 Joy Heyball Masters’ Division One Tour #2
Nigeria Qualifiers.
Group A Schedule
1st to 5 Racks
6th June 2023
Nosa Lawani vs Raji Abdulbakir 10.00am- 1pm
Shehu Bamidele vs Charles Chijide – 2.00pm – 5.00pm
Charles Chijide vs Raji Abdulbakir – 6.00pm – 9.00 pm

7th June 2023
Shehu Bamidele vs Raji Abdulbakir – 10.00am – 1pm
Charles Chijide vs Nosa Lawani – 2.00pm – 5pm
Shehu Bamidele vs Nosa Lawani – 6.00pm – 9.00 pm


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