Chrisland College top Athletes speaks with KJYSports

4 x 400 meter relay boys, 2017 Lagos state Athletics relay.

To celebrate Lagos at 50, the Lagos State Sports Commission organised the Lagos State Secondary School Relay at the Teslim Balogun Stadium. The event witnessed college top athletes from the public and private secondary schools competed only in relay; 4 X 100m, 4 X 200m and 4 x 400 boys and girls.

In an interview with reporter at the event, Mr Deji Tinubu, Director General,  Lagos State Sports Commission said

“Im happy with the turnout. We would have done more if we had more time but it just shows that a lot of kids enjoy running. We’ve got to give credit to the Games Masters as well who have done a lot of work. We are going to take this competition back to the districts so in future, we could just get the district champions to come here. It’s been good, and the feedback has been fantastic.

“A lot of schools have been calling to say that they didn’t hear about the competition. We will make sure that next time they can hear about it, so that a lot more schools will be involved. This event is going to be more than an annual event because we are going to have one before the end of the year. It is easily arranged, and the kids are really eager too.”

KJYsports spoke with Odetunde Waheed, Yesola Oye, top athletes of Chrisland College and Adekunle Isaac, head coach, who said;

“Normally, we are known for soccer but we had to digres

s. We now take part in all sports. We are in athletics, we are in the Lagos State at 50 and God helping us we are in the finals in all the events, 4 x 100 boys and girls, 4 x 200 boys and girls, and 4 x 400 boys and girls”.

“Are you looking forward to a career in athletics”  KJYsports asked Odetunde Waheed, chrisland college top athlete;. his response

“Yea, If the opportunity comes I will be glad to take it because i am definitely looking to pursuing such”.

Sharing his dream for athletics, he said

” I just really have a passion for sporting activities and that is one major influence that helps me pursue a career in athletics and I think if others have this passion for this sport and everything they would love to do in future, many junior Olympiad would pursue a career in athletics”.

Furthermore, discussing that importance of sports and the leading role chrisland is playing in school sports, he said

” I would love to pioneer my schools it will be fantastic opportunity because Chrisland really helped in diversifying the opportunity. I would love to do that for Chrisland”


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