Exclusive: Cue Sports Female Legend Allison Fisher’s Interview

Allison Fisher
Former 9 Ball Pool Champion Allison Fisher

In commemoration of 2021 International Women’s Day , Asentv.tv had an exclusive chat with one of one Cue Sports female legend and former Women’s 9 Ball Pool Champion Allison Fisher also known as Duchess of Doom. She spoke about her career , the place of women in Snooker and Pool and what she is up to next now that she has retired from active sports.
Below is the excerpt of the interview.

Asentv.tv : How did the journey begin for you?
Allison Fisher: When I was 7 years it was my first contact with snooker with the small table when I see my father watch a programme on television called Pub Black ,later at 11 years I ask my father for a small table of 6 by 3 as a Christmas gift then I started playing in a local pub where I saw a 12ft by 6ft table and that for for me was the beginning of my love affair with Cue Sports.
Asentv.tv: What made snooker your favourite?
Allison Fisher: I had good parents who supported me, they encourage. I used to participate in sports in school as a teenager but snooker really took over when I was 14 and at that point I knew that was what I wanted to do with my life and become a professional snooker player and my parents supported that.
Asent.tv : How were you able to make waves in a male dominated sport?
Allison Fisher That is quite interesting , you got to think about it , I started playing as a youth , I was a teenager ,I didn’t really think about the gender, you know what snooker attracted back in the day. So, I was playing in a local pub , I didn’t even think about me being a girl . I used to play in local tournament league matches and some of the clubs won’t allow me play because I am a female , so I started to see to see that very young and over the years I just became an ambassador for the women, I was a leader of the pack and took to the continent. You know I started out Europe in England and came to America in 1995 and play the women’s tour over here but you know you experience a lot of that stuff in all the sports but have grown over it and does not matter anymore but it’s not a lot easy when you are growing up as a young girl but I have a lot of experience playing some of the best men in the world during the matchroom league and been a part of matchroom association.
Asenttv.tv: Does Cue sports offer young girl opportunities these days?
Allison Fisher: Definitely, if you are referring to snooker yes it does but if you are referring to pool too yes it does but pool is more accessible for people to go and play in the clubs and bars anywhere you go you pretty much find a pool table , snooker may be a lot more tricky because there is no many snooker halls everywhere but it is a very prominent game in Asia, very prominent an Europe, so there is a million people playing cue sports around the world it doesn’t matter which of the game you play and you are a female there are plenty of tournament everywhere.
Asentv.tv: If you look at a continent like Africa with plenty of talent don’t you think we should promote cue sports here?
Allison Fisher: I have met couple of African players at world event and I don’t think it is easier over there by what they say but I believe black pool is popular and pool games are popular. i think the world pool association ,the President or the Vice President is from Africa and I will expect more growth in Africa in years to come

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