SPPA Ranked Players to jostle for Joy Heyball Masters $3.1m Prize money.


Snooker and Pool Players Alliance of Nigeria (SPPA) ranked players will compete with their top global counterparts to win a significant part of the $3.1m prize money  announced by the International Chinese Eight Ball Pool Association (ICEA) and their partner Joy Billiards for the 2022 season.
Joy Billiards had announced in the first week of the year that the prize money of Joy Heyball Masters which is one of the ICEA top tier events has been upgraded to $800,000 from $150,000.

Chinese 8 Ball Pool Players from all over the world are expected to converge on China in the largest Cue Sport tournament to battle for the top prize.
Aside the Masters ,other tournaments like the Chinese Pool Global League, Inter Continental Championships as well as Continental tournaments will benefit from the pool of over $3m prize money available for the 2022 calendar year. 

President of the Snooker and Pool Players Alliance of Nigeria  Idada Joachim wants Chinese 8 Ball  Pool ranked players in the country to prepare themselves for the global stage by competing in all the local qualifiers.

Our local players especially those who are ranked in the SPPA Cuesport Management and Players Ranking System should endeavor to be part of all our tournaments which will serve as the selection platform for the masters in China “.
Idada added ” those who want to know more about how to be part of the Chinese 8 Ball community in Nigeria should go to the Snooker and Pool Players Alliance website “.

SPPA in collaboration with FIJI Ventures Limited and Joy Billiards Sports Promotion Company China are promoting Chinese 8 Ball Pool in Nigeria.

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