June 16, 2024
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Nigeria’s Chess player Onakoya breaks world record

Nigerian Chess master, Tunde Onakoya has set a new Guinness World Record for the longest marathon chess game.

Tunde achieved the feat in the early hours of Saturday, April 20, 2024, after surpassing the 56-hour mark.

The previous record stood at 56 hr 09 min 37 seconds. Hallvard Haug Flatebø and Sjur Ferkingstad, two Norwegians, set the record on November 11, 2018.
Despite setting a new record, the Nigerian chess expert aims to play beyond 58 hours without losing a single game.

“We have done it,” Onakoya said in a post on his X account to confirm reaching the target.

Meanwhile, in a follow-up tweet, the chess enthusiast announced his intention to push for an extra two hours as he seeks to further stamp his authority.

“We’re pushing to 60 hours guys. We’re not stopping yet. Let’s keep going. We have a fundraising goal to meet for the education of African children around the world.

“This is our why – the reason we are doing this. Let’s demonstrate to the world the incredible power of love.

“Together, we can make this happen,” his post read.

The new record holder stated that the chess marathon serves as a platform to raise funds and awareness for providing educational opportunities to underprivileged children across Africa, a cause championed by Onakoya’s foundation, Chess in Slums Africa.

In a statement issued by the foundation, the event features a team of two players, with Onakoya being joined by his US counterpart, Shawn Martinez, a US National Master and renowned New York City chess legend and coach.

“This record attempt required a team of two players. Tunde Onakoya (NG) facing off against Shawn Martinez (US) for the challenge. Both players hold the title of National Masters.

“Shawn Martinez, a US National Master, renowned New York City chess legend, and chess coach, poses as a formidable adversary. Both Tunde Onakoya and Shawn Martinez will hold the record title.

“This record is for the longest time to continuously play chess. This record is to be mentioned in hours, minutes, and seconds. This record is to be attempted by a team of two players,” The statement reads in part.

Notable figures such as Idada Joachim, president Snooker and Pool Players Alliance and Founder of the defunct School Chess Develoment Initiative and FIJI Chess Club have shown their support for Onakoya’s record-breaking endeavour.

Idada Joachim noted in support in his facebook post

“It is great seeing someone achieving dreams one once had. I appreciated the life changing attribute in games especially Chess when I and then Nigerian national chess coach Olubunmi Adebola Dada (a.k.a BD) founder FIJI Chess Club, the then only private chess culture which was affiliated to the Nigeria Chess Federation and Chess in School program to use the game to stimulate positive and construct reasoning amongst children. Through our work 48 schools spread all over the South West, Lagos, Ogun, Osun etc embraced Chess as an extra-curricular activity. At that time, i used my personal resources to pursue a vision which i was convince will address a deficiency that was obviously manifesting amongst many children.
Tunde Onakoya has become a great ambassador for the game. Opening doors we then struggled to open because prominent, inflential individuals and corporate organisation did not see the usefullness of such initiative .

Thanks to NTA, Ltv Ikeja , Channels Television and Late Mrs Bodunri Daramola, the Brand manager Tom Tom through whose support we stimulated and encouraged many people to appreciate the benefits to promoting chess and as life changing Tool.
I remender when Obinna Ogbonnaya and Tunde Onakoya came to share his vision of Chess in the Slum with me and my advice was that he should not imitate the story line presenr in the filnm “Queen of Ketwe”. You work has been original and visionary. I join you in celebrating this moment of joy by your achievement.
You are now the torch bearer and fave of Nigerian Nigeria
We are still in the business of founder great ideas in youth development and empowermemt since many we have raised sre effectively bearing the torch.
Like my work in chess, we have founder Snooker and Pool Players Alliance intiative to use Snooker and Pool Billiard to change life and create opportunities for Nigeria youths.There are still many records to be broken for many of us.

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