June 21, 2024
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WPA Commends JOY Billiards for its Commitment and Vision!

The World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) recently announced the elevation of Heyball from a pool code governed by an Affiliated International Federation (IHPA, International Heyball Association) to a discipline directly governed by the WPA. 🎱✨

This elevation coincides with the strategic cooperation agreement signed between JOY Billiards and the WPA in November 2023, known as “From China With Love.” This agreement marks the start of a large-scale, three-year global billiards event promotion campaign. The elevation of Heyball to a directly governed discipline is a significant achievement of this collaboration. 🙌

JOY Billiards has been a steadfast supporter of Heyball, investing substantial resources to promote its growth and inclusion in prestigious events such as the 2023 & 2024 WCBS Championship, the 2025 Chengdu World Games, and ongoing efforts to include it in the Southeast Asian Games and the 2030 Doha Asian Games.
Its relentless efforts highlight its commitment to the internationalization of Heyball. 🏆🌍

Ishaun Singh, President of the WPA, stated, “We are delighted to welcome Heyball as a directly governed discipline under the WPA.

We are grateful for JOY Billiards’ unwavering support and visionary commitment to Heyball’s development. Together, we look forward to furthering Heyball on the world stage.”

Heyball’s major tournaments boast some of the largest prize money in pool, highlighting the sport’s prominence and potential for growth. 💰

Since 1987, the WPA has been dedicated to promoting and developing various pool disciplines globally. With Heyball now a directly governed discipline, the WPA reaffirms its dedication to fostering diversity and excellence in the world of pool sports.

asentv.tv spoke to the Idada Joachim, president Snooker and Players Alliance.

“We are delighted about the development because Heyball is one of the variant of Cue Sports that we can consider who have attained a true global status. Joy Billiard’s has endeavored to open it’s circuits to players from the Africa continent which is commendable when compared to other international organizers and major promoters of other variants like 9 Ball and 8 Ball.”

” The Alliance is appreciative as we have witnessed Africa based players been able to hold their own against top names from both Europe and Asia. For the first time 5 Players like Ceasar, Imad, Vincent and Richard did feature in the main event of the last Grand Final’s. The Alliance looks forward to the African Heyball Championship with so much expectation as it will provide Nigeria players an opportunity to compete against others in the continent especially since they miss the 2024 Joy Heyball Masters’ Grand Finals.”

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