June 21, 2024
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Fourteen75 acquires Bing Table to promote Heyball in Akure

Fourteen75, a popular lounge and sports arena in Akure, Ondo state has acquired a Joy Billiard Bing table as they strive to introduce Heyball to the Pool Billiards playing community in the state.

The installation of the table and the Cue Sports Management and Players Ranking System is a significant milestone for the club in meeting its plan to promote Heyball as sports in the state.

Heyball formerly known as Chinese 8 Ball Poo is played on a specially crafted 9ft table with 4.5 inch pocket and has been officially recognised as a WPA (World Pool Association) sport with the IHPA as the sole governing body since 2020.

Heyball was introduce into Nigeria in 2019 when Joy Billiards Sports Promotion Company China the sole organizing partner of the IHPA signed the agreement with FIJI Ventures Limited as the sole promoter of Heyball in Nigeria and organizer of the 5 Joy Heyball Masters’ Nigeria Qualifier with the winner getting sponsorship to travel to China to play in the main event.

The equipment now offers the lounge an opportunity to vie for the hosting right of some of the Snooker And Pool Players Alliance events which include Top 4 Heyball Series, Challenge Series, CSI Nigeria Pool League and Players and more .

Segun David, Managing Director Fourteen75 said

“It was imperative to partner with SPPA in the actualisation of the installation of the Joy Billiard Bing table at Fourteen75. Over the years Fourteen75 has built a community of Pool players in Ondo state who can compete at national level, hence the need to move to the World stage.

The collaboration with SPPA and Joy Billiards Sports Promotion Company China, will enable us to achieve a lot and We look forward to when our best players in Ondo state will qualify and compete at the Heyball competition in China.” He said.

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