June 21, 2024
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HEYBALL CHALLENGE TOUR: Adekunle Adebayo and 4 other players meet the cut.

The Snooker and Pool Players Alliance will be organizing the second edition of the Heyball Challenge Tour scheduled to hold on 24, February, 2024  at Nicon Town Recreation Center, temporary venue of the competition. This was announced through a press release published on the organization website.

Below are the exerts of the press release which was signed by the organization president, Idada Joachim.

“Adekunle Adebayo, Ekundayo Sunday, Ajayi Oluwatoyin Azeez, Lawani Nosayaba and Abiodun Christopher have made the cut for the second edition of the Heyball Challenge Tour.

The multi match event will feature 2 challenge matches; a main event and support event that will offer various monetary prizes to percipients based on the Cumulative Break Point Averages (Cum BPAv). The BPAv is a analytical index developed by the Snooker and Pool Players Alliance to determine the probability of a player game to end in a win from a Break.”

“The Index was introduced to address the lack of interest exhibited by Pool players in acquiring proper Breaking technique through training and practice which in most cases determine the result of a Pool match. The average is computed over 3 Breaks and 3 aggregate events. The lower the average, the higher the probability for a match to end in a victory for the player.”

“The eligibility criteria for selection in the Heyball Challenge Tour requires a prospective participant to have participated in at least 3 Break and Run Shootout Challenge events, must have attempted at least 9 Break and Run, and must be amongst the 10 top players which the least Cum. BPAv.

The Heyball Challenge Tour is a new innovative contest in Pool Billiard organization that showcases it’s sporting attribute as a fun, entertaining and competitive event. It is  multiple matches contest that offers monetary prizes as reward.  The annual tour series comprising six events in Heyball, Eight Ball and Nine ball organized for a select no of SPPA signed players competing in win their various challenger.”


Adekunle Adebayo, a player with a keen interest in Pool and who hopes to turning professional someday is currently ranked no 1 with a Cum BPAv of 5.33 won his match against Ekundayo Sunday in a keenly contested match in the maiden edition of the Heyball Challenge Tour. He was a semi finalist in the May and August edition of the Joy Heyball Masters’  Nigeria-Qualifiers.

Ekundayo Sunday, currently has a Cum BPAv of 6.00 lost to Adekunle Adebayo in the maiden edition of the Heyball Challenge Tour.  He was a semi finalist in the May and August edition of the Joy Heyball Masters’ Nigeria-Qualifiers.

Abiodun Christopher (a.k.a Emiratae) with a Cum BPAv of 6.56 can be arguably described as the most widely travelled player in Heyball in Nigeria. He participated in the Dubai Open Chinese 8 Ball Pool in 2022, participated in the Singapore Open International Billiards Championship in 2022. He played in all the Nigeria qualifiers of the Joy Heyball Masters that hold in China.

The event will also feature the BAR (Break And Run) Award that recognizes and promotes the 3 determinant elements to success. Players who achieve a BAR in any SPPA sanctioned competition receives a N10,000.00 reward 


Heyball Challenge Tour event 2.
Venue: Nicon Town Recreation Center, Ilasan, Lekki

Main Match/Event
Race to 13 Racks
Time: 5.00-8.00pm

Adekunle Adebayo vs Ajayi Toyin Azeez

Main Support Match/Event
Race to 9 Racks
Time:2.00 -5.00pm

Ekundayo Sunday vs Lawani Nosayaba

The live stream coverage will be available on the Alliance Facebook page

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