June 21, 2024
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WPA intervenes in event schedule conflict

World Pool Association (WPA), the world governing body for Pool Billiard issued a press release addressing the confusion caused by the conflict in the schedule of sanctioned events holding within the same months and period which inevitably will force players to choose which events to attend despite their contractual obligations.

The press release stated as follows.

“Attention Pool Enthusiasts and Athletes,

We need to address a recent scheduling conflict within our pool community. It has come to our attention that Matchroom has scheduled two tournaments on their World Nine Ball Tour (Hanoi Open from October 8 to October 13 and the Reyes Cup from October 17 to October 20) that clashes with the upcoming World 8 Ball Championship sanctioned by the World Pool Association (WPA), which is set to take place from October 14 to October 20. This timing coincides with both the Men’s Predator WPA World 8 Ball Championship and the Women’s Predator WPA World 10 Ball Championship.

This move by Matchroom undermines not only the prestige of the World Championship but also the spirit of fair play and collaboration that the WPA strives to uphold in organizing global events. Such actions contradict the WPA’s sanctioning guidelines, which are meticulously designed to prevent calendar clashes and ensure the best interests of the sport and its athletes.

The WPA’s guidelines aim to support the growth of pool by facilitating well-organized, high-standard competitions that do not overlap, thus allowing players to participate in major tournaments without having to choose between equally significant events.

We believe in the strength of our sport and its community when we all adhere to agreed-upon standards and respect each other’s contributions to the game. This scheduling overlap does not reflect the unity and sportsmanship that are foundational to pool’s global presence.

We urge Matchroom and all involved parties to consider the broader impact of such decisions and to collaborate with the WPA to promote the best possible outcomes for our sport and its remarkable athletes.

Let’s continue to support each other and work together to keep pool a fair, competitive, and enjoyable sport for everyone.”

In 2023, Matchroom had signed a contractual agreement her players to ensure their availablilty and commitment to the WNT 2024 events schedule as published. The question in the mind of many Pool enthusiast and fans is the effect of the conflict on the ability of both organization to meet it’s obligations to the sport without negatively affecting the welfare and interest of the players.
Below are reactions of Pool fans to this development posted on the WPA facebook page.

Molina Mike posted

“It’s literally the same week as last year (Hanoi)

Maybe predator should’ve done their homework first ….

Funny how you advocate for them but 💩 on players over and over and over again.”

Freya Hassenmayer posted

“Pool as a sport has always been splintered but as it gets bigger and the world gets smaller it’s become too difficult to even keep track of, I can’t imagine actually being part of the scheduling. I wouldn’t want pool to go the way of other sports with a single organization controlling most everything but I think a little consolidation might help the sport and at least get it to where the fans an promotors can keep track”

Matt Poland posted

“Such a shame for players to have a choice. The opportunity to choose really is a tragedy. I hope I never get put into a position of having the freedom to make a choice. Heaven forbid I’m given the autonomy to decide a more lucrative path is in my best interest. I would much rather be beholden to accommodate my fate to Olympic dreams over personal financial success. Because certainly players aren’t smart enough to decide for themselves. They are not smart enough to know what is best for the sport. They need a nanny.”

Adam Heintz posted

Coming from the organization that was literally banning players for participating in other events and only backed down because you knew you’d lose.

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