June 21, 2024
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Matchroompool recognizes PRA as regulatory authority for Professional Pool Billiard

Following the press released by the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) regarding the conflict in the events schedule cause by Matchroom proposing to organized two tournaments on their World Nine Ball Tour (Hanoi Open from October 8 to October 13 and the Reyes Cup from October 17 to October 20) that clashes with the upcoming World 8 Ball Championship sanctioned by the World Pool Association (WPA), which is set to take place from October 14 to October 20. And, noting that Matchroom was undermining not only the prestige of the World Championship but also the spirit of fair play and collaboration that the WPA strives to uphold in organizing global events.

Matchroompool has similarly responded to the content of that press release by issuing their own rejoinder which recognizes the Pool Regulatory Authority as the regulator of all events organizes by the WNT (World Nineball Tour) except the World Nine Ball Championship.

Matchroompool stated in a post their website as following

“Matchroom hereby confirms that all World Nineball Tour (“WNT”) Matchroom Open and Invitational events, with the exception of the World Pool Championship, are solely sanctioned by the Pool Regulation Authority (“PRA”).”

“Recent statements by the World Pool Association (“WPA”) erroneously indicated that certain WNT events are sanctioned by the WPA and are listed as such on the WPA website. We wish to clarify that this information is incorrect. The only Matchroom event sanctioned by the WPA is the World Pool Championship.”

“Matchroom can understand the confusion that may have arisen due to the incorrect information previously disseminated by the WPA. We emphasise that all other WNT Matchroom events are exclusively sanctioned by the PRA.”

Also Michael Panozo, publisher of Billard Digest wrote about this ugly develop in a psot on his facebook page

“So, today’s Matchroom release kicking the WPA to the curb as a sanctioning authority for WNT events mentions that its events will be sanctioned solely by the Pool Regulation Authority (PRA), which clearly caught a lot of people off guard and left many confused.”

“Here’s the skinny: The PRA does, indeed, exist as a separate entity. Not surprisingly, it was established and incorporated in Dec. 2023 with future sanctioning, regulation, discipline, etc., for the WNT in mind. Also not surprisingly, the PRA is run from the same office, with the same staff as the Darts Regulation Authority (DRA), which was incorporated in 2002 to oversee professional darts, and maintained that authority after Matchroom took over the Professional Darts Corporation in 2016.”

“ According to the PRA site, Nigel Mawer is the chair of both the DRA and PRA, as well as vice chair of the WPBSA, dealing with anti-corruption issues in snooker. The PRA’s guide describing its role and rules is a hefty 75 pages, so this certainly isn’t a slap-dash response to the WPA’s recent release concerning sanctioning.”

As stated on the PRA website, the organization described herself as “the governing body for Professional Pool events worldwide.”

“The aim of the PRA is to be recognised as a regulatory authority for Pool worldwide with responsibility for providing and administering rules and regulations that will improve the image and profile of the sport within the professional and amateur ranks.”

In the statement as indicated in the aim is that they are seeking “recognition’ but as them currently seem be self-appointed without the pre-requisite global representation when compared the WPA

The second question that is begging for an answer is the actual role the PRA is or will be playing or are they in competition with the WPA (affiliated to the WCBS) who is the world recognized governing body for Pool Billiard? The World Confederation of Billiards Sports (WCBS) is the international umbrella organization encompassing the major cue sports (billiards-type games), including carom billiards, pool games of several varieties, and snooker.

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